I’m sat looking out the window at the sun and imagining everyone out and about doing exciting things with their families and friends. It’s always got to be exciting because my mind won’t allow anything else. I don’t want to believe that there are those who will spend their time arguing and being disappointed with what they have. I just want to think that everyone’s happy. Not realistic I know but that’s what happens when there is a long weekend to get through if you are on your own.

I have just returned from doing my food shopping.  Many people all in a hurry, drivers too rushing around, but it may be I’m a little slower these days. It seems rather a shame to be rushing around all the time.

My family have left for Bristol to visit their daughter and partner. Luna the puppy also going. I was asked if I would like to go, but after careful consideration I decided against it. Having a young puppy and a grumpy older dog didn’t fill me with joy, and the travelling in the car with four adults and two dogs – no thanks.

Of course I wish that I was brave enough to attempt it but not quite that stupid.

I think I’ll go to the charity shop this afternoon with Trudy. It always cheers me up.

Enjoy your day doing whatever it is you’re doing.

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