Mug of Horlicks and a new week

Glenda and her dog Lottie popped over for lunch on Sunday. I hadn’t appreciated how hot it was going to be and I had prepared spaghetti bolognese for lunch followed by pancakes. I did cheat where the pancakes were concerned. I bought them already cooked from Waitrose and we really enjoyed them. I was pleasantly surprised.

My family returned from their adventures in Bristol, and Luna the puppy behaved very well. Popped in for a cuppa yesterday afternoon. It was far too hot to go walking the dog.

How nice it is to be able to pop in the car for a few minutes and you have arrived. Even Trudy didn’t make a dash for freedom and no grumpiness between the dogs,  but I put that down to the heat. Who wants to argue when it’s too hot even to move your body.

Returned home read awhile and watched television for a while. Just before bedtime I decided I would have a Horlicks which I did. I had the best night’s sleep for ages. Didn’t even have to swallow painkillers. In fact I slept so well that I feel almost hungover. You know what it’s like when the sleep is so deep you feel hungover, but I’m not complaining.

Lovely walk in the woods with Nat, Prince the dog, Trudy and I. Didn’t have to wear welly boots as it’s pretty dry, but the grass at the rec first thing in the morning is so wet sandals are definitely out of the question.

My daughter has started back at work and she will now join the early morning dog walkers before she leaves the house. I’m pleased those days are gone for me. If I go out for an early morning walk it’s my choice not necessity.  I well remember the dark wet mornings clambering round the field. I particularly remember walking one very cold morning and there in a ditch was a person sleeping.

Following our return home we phoned the police who warned us not to approach him. There had been a rape reported and they were unsure if he could be implicated. I don’t know what the outcome was.

It always surprises me what is all  around us, but today nothing out of the ordinary, except perhaps poo bag fairies.

Do we have poo bag fairies? On our walk we pick up the poo, bag it and leave it on the side ready to be collected later. Went to pick the bags up and hey presto they had vanished. We checked the poo bins and there they were. Thank you poo bag fairy. We did the same this morning, but no fairy this morning. Oh well never mind.

Enjoy your day and may it be peaceful.

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