Hedgehogs and the onset of September

In the early hours of the morning, Trudy decided she really wanted to go for a wee. Up, glasses on, dressing gown on and then we opened the door. I had completely forgotten that I had an outside light which I omitted to put on, but with a street lamp outside there is sufficient light usually. There it was the blob. I realised it was a hedgehog which is a charming thing to see and very rare. I usually see them squashed on the road unfortunately.

The dog however was out of her mind. Scared to death. She turned and fled back inside the house. Fortunately it was towards the house and not the other way. As I scrambled back to my bed decided l wouldn’t venture out again and I would have to accept that she may well wee in the house, but she didn’t.  Gingerly tiptoed out to the garden this morning, but like all good hedgehogs hopefully it’s tucked up nice and warm and safe somewhere. As I live on a very busy road I’m concerned that it might have gone over the road.

As September approaches it is a bitter sweet time of the year.  My children were both born in September, but one of whom I no longer have any contact with, and I find that very sad. I’m quite sure that it’s just not one person’s fault when families are estranged. No idea where he is at the present time, although I’m sure he could find me if he so wished. His dad is always hoping to get some news too, although he has never admitted this to me.

My thoughts for the day “be kind”.


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