Flower card

My morning started with a very early walk with my daughter and her dog Luna. Not the best walk but certainly entertaining.  Luna mostly wanted to be dragged along the wet grass and attack Trudy, playfully.

When I returned home had my toast,  shut my eyes to the mess and laid down, until I found less tired.

A knock on the door. Great, my lead from Amazon had arrived (they can’t find where I live I’ve been told), but in point of fact it was a flower card. Very pretty roses set in a card. They were from Carol and her husband. She is my friend who is recovering from ovarian cancer. I have written several blogs about her. The card simply said “many thanks for your kind consideration”.

I was really  chuffed.

Popped to the charity shop this afternoon. Very crowded with lots of donations. As is usual I sat and priced up the children’s toys. Boxes of them.

Trudy had spent the afternoon with her doggie friends rushing around the garden, so she’s exhausted now.

Early to bed with my Horlicks I reckon.

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