Craft at The Beacon

Popped to the post box which is just around the corner from me so very accessible. Popped the post in the box when I heard my name being called. It was Lisa one of the charity shop Managers. Quick hug and a greeting “hi darling “. Nice start to the day.

After a period of absence from the cafe,finally made it this morning thanks to Nat my pet walker.

We sat at a table and said prayers. Some were for family members, the world situation in North Korea and the terrible floods in Houston and the rest of the world affected by water. We were sat because our bones were very creaky this morning. My knees were particularly sore.

Lovely cakes as usual and lots of people offering lots of company and chat. Many people attended this morning.

buttoncraftI sat at the craft table with Jane our long suffering  tutor who was encouraging us to stick buttons on a small canvas. I chose the letter N and you can see the results in the photo. No rude comments please. I am so not creative,  but thoroughly enjoyed the trying. We were joined by a few children who loved the button picture idea, and their results were so much better than ours. It did look really easy sticking buttons on a small canvas, but not as easy as it looks. Hence my awful attempt.

Bought some books from the church hall. They have a selection of very readable books, and then off to the chemist for a new sponge and a new hairbrush which was long overdue for the hairbrush. It is something that I often overlook but now all sorted. My old hairbrush I’ll use on the dog. Try and re-use most things.

Trudy has just come home tired and is now flopped on the floor in the kitchen after a lunch of chicken and biscuits. Not bad eh!

Happy Tuesday to us all, my thoughts especially with a friend who was having a minor op this morning.



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