Birthday girl

Today is my daughter’s birthday and I regret to say I didn’t even buy a card. I did find an “unbirthday” card which I signed, along with best wishes from Trudy and cat Aura.

Daughter was at home today as she felt unwell so popped down with an ice cream which she loves.  Following her gastric band she finds eating challenging at times, and finds ice cream slips down really easily. I was trampled all over by Luna and came home with yet another piece out of my arm. She is so pleased to greet you she is totally out of her head. I’m ashamed to say I left Trudy with her whilst I paid the hairdresser a visit.  Trudy still cries when I leave her home alone, but today she was good. Luna the puppy kept her on her toes, so no time for yapping, just the ticket.

Interesting walk this morning climbing up banks while the dogs pursued squirrels. There do seem to be a lot around now. Nat was busy telling me her back was not good, and the next minute she was hurtling up the bank following her dog. I’m sure that is not the best way to look after your back. I was waiting for her to slip over but she didn’t oblige. Before anyone thinks I’m being unkind Nat is a very fit young lady. There is always humour when someone falls over but not when the oldies lose their footing.

Sat watching the news last night when there was a frantic knock on the door. I opened it to find Mary outside clutching a kettle with instructions. She couldn’t open the lid. It was simple of course. I couldn’t persuade her to have a glass of wine so I guess it was a cup of tea for her and later on for me some Horlicks.

Feel chillier inside the flat which I find upsetting. I hate the fact that I only have night storage heaters which are to my mind pretty useless. When you want instant warmth no way, and of course it is a gentle reminder that it is getting cooler. Soon be Christmas. Cheery isn’t it?.


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