Valley Park and meeting up with granddaughter

Went to Valley Park with daughter, her dog, and we two. Fortunately it was dry so we had a pleasant walk, returning to the car park via the woods. It must be virtually the same distance as going straight back over the field but it seemed to take ages. In places I found it quite difficult. Lots of tree stumps, boggy patches with lots of wood of odd shapes and sizes placed on top obviously to make it less boggy, but with a gammy leg I found it very hard. Without my daughter there I would feel very uncomfortable walking through the woods by myself. We are all told that exercise is good for us but it would be very helpful if they could make it easier for those less able.

Hocombe Mead, which is an all time favourite for me is anther case in point. I can’t walk over the boardwalks because of the numerous steps up and down with no rail to hang on to. Nat is then called upon to lend me her arm to go up the numerous steps and then down again. Come on people let’s make things easier for us less able.

Enough of the moaning. We returned to my daughter’s house for a cuppa and caught up with my granddaughter. She was visiting her mum overnight and then off to a hen party in the New Forest somewhere. Fifteen young lovely things. Discussed her upcoming wedding. Perhaps Italy or here in the United Kingdom. Exciting times for her and Nick. House bought,at present being renovated, so much to look forward to.

Have a good weekend. Let it be filled with kindness,understanding and love.

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