Unfortunate First dates

I’m sure many of you are aware of the lovely story circulating now. It’s very funny although mind boggling.

This girl who was on a first date needed to use the loo. Not for a wee you understand, but it wouldn’t flush away. What to do. She decided to throw it out the window which she did, only to realise it had slipped down between the two panes of glass. She went head first into the space and then got stuck. Firemen were called and they rightly said they would never forget this call out. One person came up with the idea of putting the offending item in her handbag, but we don’t always take a handbag into the  loo do we?.

It’s going to be a quiet day for me. My Atrial Fibrillation that occurred last night has left me feeling tired out. Fortunately Trudy is with Derek and Anne for her walk, and I’m going out to lunch so there’s no need to cook anything. I hate feeling like this. When I first arrived in Chandlers Ford I tried to get a group together for those who were suffering from this condition.

For the first few months all went well but then there was a steady decline and finally we stopped meeting. It is a shame because it can be pretty scary when your heart plays up, and it’s reassuring to talk to people with the same condition offering support and understanding.

There is  a group at Andover which I believe is going well. It is supported by doctors who can give information on the various drugs that are available and of course you can ask questions.

A local doctor was keen to come to our meetings but with no members to speak of it was a non starter.

Enjoy your day. It is beginning to feel very autumnal. It won’t be long before we are shuffling through the fallen leaves. I enjoy doing that.

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