An unfortunate accident

Yesterday started much the same as usual. Shower, dressed, animals fed went for a walk.

When we got home found the cat bleeding all over the bed. Always seems to be a lot of blood doesn’t there. Had a look and decided we needed to go to the vet. All my attendances at the vet recently have been of the emergency type and yesterday was no exception.

She had lost a tooth and her jaw was broken. This meant an operation and a wired up mouth. I certainly didn’t want to hear  the way the operation was conducted, but she came home last night safe and sound.

She turned her nose up at the food the vet prescribed.A soft pate type food and a bottle of what looked like milk. She has remained in her room hiding under the bed. The bed is her secure place, as the bedspread hangs over the sides. It’s going to be a bit of a problem in a few minutes because she has to return to the vet again to see if she needs to be re-attached to a drip.

A beautiful day today, although I’m feeling pretty tired. Stress is an unwelcome bed mate.

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