My world seems to be shrinking

I now walk that much later than I used to, so miss my usual dog walkers, and I therefore feel out of the loop.

Used to love talking about recipes, the things that were happening in their lives and all the news regarding their pets, and I so miss it.  You might say I’m nosy and of course I am. Sylvie one of the walkers is an amazing cook, and she would often arrive with a taste of a cake she had made.  Home grown vegetables too.She seemed to eat the most amazing home cooked foods. I felt really envious because quite frankly I don’t bother to cook much anymore. I know how to cook, but it just isn’t the same when you live on your own. I am however going to cook a prawn stir fry for my lunch today. I find that I cook more for the animals than myself.

Having said all this I do walk with Nat most days, and we enjoyed our walk this morning. Both dogs off the lead and both dogs back home safely. Such a lovely walk. Squirrels, cats, birds, and cattle. How nice.

Back to the vet this afternoon so they can check Aura over and remove the drip. She seems more like her old self, very vocal, but don’t think it’s because she is in pain.

Sat here writing  the blog and a thought crosses my mind “shall I do the housework today”. Just as quickly it arrived in my head the answer came back “no”. It will be here tomorrow I’ve no doubt.




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