Hiltingbury extravaganza

Fortunately it was a dryish day yesterday, which must have been a huge worry lifted from the organisers.

I started my day with an early walk,  so that I could avoid all the set up involved in the extravaganza, but there were already a few hardy souls surveying their pitches I presume.

Once Trudy was off for her walk which sounded wonderful.( Shawford Down). I popped to Waitrose to buy food, that perhaps puss would eat. Gourmet soup and some liver pate. Petrol next and then home.

Family arrived for an early lunch and off we wandered to the extravaganza. Donkeys were offering rides.

I always feel a bit sad to see them being walked around the field, and they too seemed a bit fed up.

We were asked if we would like to show the dogs but we graciously declined. There were many young puppies who were only too willing to have a go with their young owners. So many dogs it was almost a dog fest.

Usual mix of henna painting, hair braiding, and Morris dancing.

I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t bothered to change, and certainly didn’t look my best, but thought the likelihood of me meeting anyone I knew was unlikely. Isn’t it always the way. Met several friends.

I hope the organisers felt it was a success.

The only thing I bought was home made fudge. Thinking of my stomach again.

Went to the vets with puss today. She hasn’t lost any more weight, and has even managed to put a bit of weight on. Result. Thank you for your prayers for her.

In Chandlers Ford we have a  Friendly Good Neighbours group and I put a post asking for help with puss with her injections and force feeding, and I was delighted to receive two responses, which has  made me less worried about being able to cope as my family are off to Bali tomorrow for their holiday. I was scared of my ability to cope.

That is partly because of my age. Vulnerability I believe you call it.



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