Coffee,tea,birthday wishes and yummy cakes

Another two weeks has passed since our  last meeting  at my favourite cafe. The Beacon in Hursley Road. As I wandered up the path to the door I couldn’t quite believe that it was two weeks ago since I last attended.  Time sometimes seems to stand still, another time it flashes past.

Jane set out her plans to either make tassels or small figures. I was not encouraged to say anything about nipple tassels, although we had a laugh. Enjoyable – mine is hidden amongst the better ones here.


Lights dimmed and a special cake appeared. One lady was 90 the other 89. Such a wonderful age. It was unfortunate that the 90 year old was getting over shingles and still felt very unwell.

It was announced that Dial A Ride was going to be discontinued. That is awful. So many rely on Dial a Ride and Good Neighbours to help with daily life. Shopping, getting out and about and meeting friends. Going to lunch clubs. We are always told about the effects that loneliness has on us all, and then the next thing we hear is they want to stop this essential transport for those in need. It’s seems ironic to me.

There is a petition to stop this short sighted closure which I have signed. Can I ask you to do the same please? Here’s the link to it on

Lovely walk albeit very muddy.

Family have safely arrived in Bali.

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