Long week

Although I don’t see the family all the time it seems ages since I spoke to them or saw them. In truth that is not quite true. My daughter phones most days but she is still such a long way away.

Sat here waiting for help to transport puss to the vet for her check up. I really hope she’s managing to put some weight on. I really can do no more than I’m already doing.

I decided to have a crab salad for lunch yesterday, and you guessed it she liked the crab. Don’t imagine that’s going to be part of her diet in the future.

Went for an early walk yesterday.  There is a new member in our group. A young oriental lady small with a very large dog. When the dog goes off she has no choice but to follow, and in fact her legs left the ground totally. Very funny. Like a Thelwell cartoon although of course they were humorous caricatures of horses and not dogs I believe.

Such a beautiful start to the day.

Laughing, chatting and enjoying each others company.

Last weekend I read a very interesting article in one of the Sunday papers. The author said that loneliness was in us all. That resonated with me, because I do believe this, although I accept that due to shyness, disability, old age, things get stacked against us.

If I’m honest have felt a bit isolated this week, and of course imagination takes over doesn’t it. I think I’m ill, not going to make it through the day. I can tell Trudy how I feel but don’t think she quite understands.



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