Carrier bags filled

Grandchildren and I have decided that I would cook lunch at their house today. Hence the packed carrier bag. Beef, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage and for pudding pancakes. It sounds good to me.

The idea is that we prepare lunch, take the dogs out and return home to a roast dinner.

I shall come home early as I’m force feeding puss. She is not eating and I refuse to let herself starve to death.  First thing this morning, prepared her food filled two syringes and off we went. It’s surprising just how determined we can be at times isn’t it?. During  last night I woke several times worrying about her. At least this way I know she’s eating.  Mixing the food with evaporated milk, it makes a nice sloshy mix and goes in the syringe no problem. I end up pretty much covered with slush but some does go in.

Have to return to the grandchildren later in the afternoon, as Lou is returning home to Bristol, and Matt wants to go to band practice or something, and quite rightly doesn’t want to leave Luna on her own for long. He has found dog and cat sitting quite a challenge,  and I would imagine he’s counting down the days until mum and dad return from their adventures.



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