What has been your challenge today? Is it getting out of bed, going to work, going to school or going into hospital, to name but a few.

My challenge today has been trying to get puss to eat. Not so successful at this it would appear. Just got home from visit to the vets, she is still losing weight. Plodding on with my regime until Thursday when it’s review time.

Talking  of challenges my lovely friend from Sussex who has just finished her treatment for ovarian cancer has just returned home from France where she and hubby decided to have a few weeks holiday. They always holiday in their motor home. They like the freedom that these homes offer.

As usual I phoned to check they had returned home safely, and I immediately realised that something was very wrong. Was it her cancer returned or something else. It transpired that her husband had suffered a severe stroke and had been hospitalized for some time. She doesn’t drive the “home” so you can imagine how she must have felt. Daughter and her husband flew out to lend a hand. They managed to re-site the home nearer to the hospital although it meant a twenty five minute walk each way. Such a challenge and an uphill walk.

The hospital released the patient on Saturday and he was transported back to the UK, along with Carol in a specialist ambulance,with medical staff, but before that could happen she had to shut the motor home down. She had never done this before and to be honest i don’t really understand what was involved myself, except the usual water, electrics to name but a few. The van was on a small pitch and she said she felt so frightened she slept with a knife under her pillow. She had no signal on her phone so this didn’t help much.

I believe it has been arranged for the home to be transported back to the UK sometime in the future.

This is a momentus challenge for her or anyone else. They arrived home safely, now comes the challenge of everyday living, trying to encourage him to eat, helping him to shower.

She said how wonderful her daughter had been and how capable. I said I thought she was amazing that she had coped so brilliantly with everything that had been thrown at her, bearing in mind that she must be forty years older than her daughter, and a recent survivor of cancer.

A challenge indeed.

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