Keeping Fit

20170927_093709As a reader you are aware that puss has been suffering from a broken jaw, requiring several doses of pain killers and force feeding.

As you know cats will mostly do what they want when they want to do it.

I have two bedrooms in the flat one of which is spare and puss likes to hide herself under the bed because it helps her feel secure, and quite wrongly as it turns out, she thinks we can’t reach her. Take a look at the photos of Nat and I trying to get her. The other morning we had lifted the mattress up.  I had caught her but couldn’t ease her out. We decided quite quickly that I would hang on to her and Nat would come to me and get puss. It was very funny. There was I buried underneath the mattress waiting to be released. I’m quite glad no one took a photo of me. Not a pretty site as my derriere at my age is not particularly attractive, and maybe never has been. Who knows.

20170927_093744Returned from vet. Outlook more promising. Took the dogs to Valley Park. A very pleasant morning,  feeling very warm. Trudy off lead and having a wonderful time. Tempted back with sausages in my pocket.

Loads of dogs and owners, in fact too many. I don’t like being around a lot of dogs because too many is sometimes asking for trouble but all good today.

Got caught up in a traffic jam on the way to the vets. Lots of kids walking with parents to school. There was a little family walking along. Dad holding one son’s hand the other little boy quite obviously didn’t want to go to school, as he was quite behind with a very miserable face. He reminded me somewhat of Prince George who if the story is true is also fed up with going to school.

Let’s hope his day improves for him.

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