woodsMy second walk of the day was to Hocombe Woods and the silence was deafening. You understand that I’m sure.

We live in such a noisy world now. The phones which are usually on our person,  the bleeps that tell us we have a message or an e mail. I’m totally addicted to these things. I have to look immediately just to see what I could be missing, which most of the time in my case is not much.

If you wake during the night I always think the silence is different from the day. I know it is always quieter at night, but between night and dawn,  the silence changes. I love it just as I like the dark, but where I live that’s not so easy. Will have to invest in black out curtains, as unfortunately there is a street light which shines into my bedroom, add to that security lighting by the parking bays and it’s very light. I long for peace from lights and traffic.

I have been living here for over two years, and still can’t get used go the traffic.

Erling Lagg has written a book about silence or lack of it and the effects it has on us all.


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