20171004_080241Beep beep message on my phone. Family at Heathrow. Next message it’s so cold. I replied it’s lovely put a woolly on, but I guess from Bali to Chandlers Ford is a bit of a hit.

Walked over the rec and I met Margaret who handed me this photo of Trudy and her friend Meg. Margaret had been walking round with this photo for ages because we kept missing each other. I love it,  will buy a frame this weekend.


20171004_080256Off to The Beacon  and this is the result of my efforts this time. It would be a lovely thing for a child or even an oldie to do. Basically you paint the veins on the leaf and press on to your card. If you are of the artistic type I’m sure you could produce something stunning,

Left the cafe early to go to Waitrose for puss food. Trying to get fatty things that she fancies to get the weight on, but I’ve noticed that we are beginning to slip back to not eating much again.

At great expense I bought ham with streaky fat round the outside of the ham slice. You would be right in thinking that she won’t eat it, and I really can’t face the ham slices with the fat. Trudy it’s going to be your lucky day yet again

Walking later I wonder where we shall go?


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