Your sick voice

You know that feeling when you wake up and you really, really feel that you need a day off. You pick up the phone and make that call. You lower your voice, stutter a bit and say “sorry won’t be in today I don’t feel well”or similar words. For a second you feel guilty but then that usually goes away.

This sick voice had me thinking especially after I overheard a call last week. I wasn’t eavesdropping as the conversation started in my lounge.

A friend had called round to medicate the cat when her boyfriend rang. I heard her say it’s not your voice that is the problem it’s your stomach, so why are you whispering. The call was to ask her to buy special food for an invalid. He felt that if he whispered it would help his cause. Obviously didn’t work it just made her cross. Why does he have to whisper to tell me he wasn’t feeling well she says. I found it funny. Speaking quietly is not usually something we do.

Next time you make that call be very very careful.



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