80th Birthday Party

I was delighted to be invited to an 80th birthday party yesterday and Trudy and I duly arrived at the appointed time. Rang on the bell, door opened and  balloons, children, people and a dog all were restrained so we could enter. Lovely warm and welcoming feeling.

Trudy off the lead and went haring out to the garden. A few minutes passed and she came running in trailing a basket filled with plants clamped underneath her. How she managed that I’ve no idea and the only way to set her free was to take her harness off. Not the best of beginnings for her.


Next problem were the balloons especially the large red balloons depicting the age of eighty.

It brought to mind how little she had experienced in the way of a typical family like setting.

Lots of lovely food,  curries, chilli con carne, and sandwiches, especially the eggy ones. I love egg sandwiches mainly because I don’t make them for myself. They are such a faff  to make for me alone.

Children of all ages playing happily on the trampoline, and in the sandpit,and partygoers of all ages. All blissfully happy and content.

There were a large number of people that I didn’t know and I found it a bit intimidating but enjoyed the bash very much.

Forego the birthday cake as Trudy was scared with these floating red things with a number on them, but hope to have a slice next week.

I went to the charity shop for a few hours, and came away with a dog grooming set, a handbag, and various bits and pieces. Not a bad morning all round.

Today being Sunday I think is going to be spent quietly. My back is causing me some pain, and although the experts all agree to keep moving, I’m going to disregard their advice and rest awhile.

Enjoy your Sunday whatever you may be doing. At least in Chandlers Ford the sun does appear to be trying to shine so that lifts the spirits doesn’t it.

Puss is quiet today but she has just had her opiate administered so I’m hoping things will improve as the day progresses.

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