That sinking feeling

Following a few episodes of Atrial Fibrillation an appointment was made at the local doctors surgery for an E.C.G which was scheduled for this morning, I received a phone call explaining that the appointment would have to be changed due to sickness, and it was re-arranged for later in the morning.

Stripped off all the clothes above the waist and was instructed to relax and think of pleasant things. I have had several E.C.G’s in the past and knew there was nothing to worry about.

Quickly over and then “it’s abnormal”. Heart in mouth what was going on. She explained that she would send the results to the doctor and he would look at it, and if necessary see me before our scheduled appointment in two weeks time, if he considered it important.

Left feeling worried and returned home. I made sure my phone was with me all the time. No calls.

Should I phone the surgery or leave it. I decided for my own peace of mind I would call them. No need to panic it would seem.  Very relieved.

Settled down to watch Victoria.


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1 Response to That sinking feeling

  1. Eileen says:

    what a pain for you. For future reference the machines often give false diagnosis and the cardiac team don’t take much notice , they go by the actual ECG reading.


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