A good laugh

Tuesday was vet day for puss. It was agreed that we would meet up at Valley Park for a walk before the appointment. Trudy off lead but got a little too personal for a certain Ridgeback who was all set to put Trudy in her place. She turned tail and came back to us. I was walking with Nat and her mum Karen.  Karen is between jobs so she accompanies Nat on  her walks. There we were munching sweeties and chatting.

Next stop the vet. Quite busy so we sat in the waiting room. Three adults one cat and one dog. It is a family outing after all.

Nat and Karen were talking about the cinema they had taken Karen’s mum and therefore Nats nan to visit. On a Monday afternoon in Eastleigh they show a film for the grand sum of £3.99 per person so there they all were watching  Victoria and Abdul in an almost empty cinema. Nat had made herself comfortable when a loud voice said “are you asleep” to which she replied “I’m not now am I”, but the most embarrassing thing was this was all shouted out. Nan hadn’t realised you need to be a bit quiet at these showings.

I could imagine the scene and had a good chuckle. I think the vets assumed we were all ruffians.

They enjoyed the film very much, and I believe they are going again sometime soon, so no-one was put off by the shouting.

Puss is still gaining weight so we have a week between visits this time. Hallelujah!



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