Oh what a beautiful morning

I’m so glad I’m alive this morning. It is beautiful even though first thing it was a bit chilly.

Went to Hocombe where I took a couple of pictures. Can you see a face in the tree trunk?. I also took a picture of the re-opened path that the council have been working on of late. Pretty good. What do you think?

I was watching our local news last night and I was astounded to learn that the great storm happened thirty years ago, and sadly remembered that it is now nearly thirty years since I last saw and spoke to my mum. She died a short while after the great storm.

My mum was of the opinion that “she didn’t sleep a wink” most nights but she managed to sleep through the storm.

I remember walking into work. The Managers were so delighted that people had made an effort to get in, they bought tins of biscuits and sandwiches for us all.

I used to travel from West Sussex to Hampshire every weekend to visit mum in hospital and of course dad. The hurricane seemed to have decimated Sussex more than Hampshire.

And so time marches on. Enjoy your day.


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