A day much like any other. Friday night.Spent much of the night awake as Trudy insisted on nibbling her feet and licking herself, then scratching.  I tried being nice but resorted to shouting at her which of course was useless. When I finally got up I decided that a dose of Piriton might be a good idea, and after studying the instructions decided to give her a dose suitable for a six year old child. No adverse side effects.

When the vets opened appointment made and everything quiet at the moment following an injection and a course of steroids. Steroids are so cheap so the final bill was not horrendous as is often the case.

Waiting their turn to be seen were mum, daughter and their little dog Star. They were just in for a check up following Star being spayed. The little girl was telling those who would listen that she was going to write to Santa suggesting presents for her dog Star. She was not totally convinced there was a Santa, as big brother I think was telling her otherwise.

Spent time at the charity shop.  Loads of good quality children’s clothes so if you need any you know where to go.

There was also a bag of children’s karate whites. Very clean and freshly ironed. A bargain if you are looking for this type of clothing.

Quiet afternoon. Visit from Mary my neighbour, and then the family arrived complete with crazy dog Luna. The cat vanished to her bedroom. She is slowly venturing out of her room, but as soon as she hears someone come in, especially with a dog in tow she’s off which is not surprising really.


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