Gossip at the hairdressers

Don’t you love going to the hairdressers. I’ve just returned from my cut and blow dry, buzzing with titbits of gossip.

My hairdresser was telling me about an amazing medium she had just visited. Have got to see her I think.

Some gossip of course you cannot divulge or shouldn’t,  being on the sensitive side. Like ex husbands, boyfriends, money etc.

I’ve come home on a high.

What a strange week this week. Had an appointment with Lee the dog trainer on Monday, but looking out of the window at the yellow sky and an ominous feeling I decided to cancel. No birds singing and pretty much nothing moving, except the trees being blown around.

My daughter and I had previously put some curtains up for my neighbour,  and joined her for a cup of tea. Aged 92 I think she is past the hanging curtain side of things.

Joined the ladies at The Beacon Cafe yesterday. Jane our craft teacher was missing,  so I didn’t return home with dubious bits and pieces, that I have to decide whether I want people to see them,or hide away in a scrap book. Most of my efforts end up in there.

Tomorrow I’m puppy sitting. Lunch prepared a chicken casserole and I shall be ready for the onslaught that is Luna. Evidently she’s being very naughty at the moment, so how long I shall babysit we shall see.

A friend of mine is an artist who is going to paint a portrait of puppy dog Luna as a Christmas present. We took some photos using the mobile, but as I had no printer and the images were too small , I posted a message on Chandlers Ford neighbours asking for help. I think eighteen people got in touch, and I finally decided on The Print Room basically because it’s local. Friendly and helpful, and they are going to post the images out to me, as collection would be difficult for me because of the number of steps leading to the shop.

Must just say a big thank you to the very kind person who said they would do it for me, without having to go to a supermarket or shop. Unfortunately when you have mobility problems sometimes things can be very challenging, but in this case all good.



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