I admit to being fascinated by the latest Nescafe advert which is saying that eighty thousand people pass through our lives, but we only ever have a handful of true friends. I know there have been many who have passed through mine.

When I was first married and lived in the Isle of Wight there was an organisation called Plan International.  It was run for the sole purpose of bringing young adults to respective homes in the United Kingdom, basically so that they could see what mad us tick.  I’ve had girls from the States,South America, Switzerland to name but a few. We had such a wonderful time with them all.

The most memorable was a young lady called Pat Carr who came from the United States.So long ago I can’t remember where from. She was so tall over six feet, long red hair and wonderful with my then young children.  I remember so well her tearing around the garden with her arms flapping trying to teach the children to fly.

Her father was a doctor,  and if she ever ran out of money she would just call him and money would appear again.

When the programme ended she went home, but returned later and bought a volkswagen caravette, and she and her friends toured Europe in it. I believe it caught fire and that was very much it.

I have often wondered what happened to her, and if she remembers us with fondness.

The young lady from Switzerland.Her dad who owned a paper factory, made the most amazing muesli which we enjoyed for our breakfast. This at a time when muesli in this country was still viewed with some suspicion.

Another young lady went to a textile college and made me a large bolt of material for whatever I wanted it to be made into.

We also had an artist come to stay, and she sent me a painting that she had completed when she returned home. I believe my ex husband has this hanging on  his wall. I believe her name was Celia and this was at the time that Simon and Garfunkel were very popular, and they sang of a girl called Celia. Needless to say we listened to this song many times.

Who do you remember with fondness,  and are you still in touch? I wish I had made more of an effort to remain in correspondence with them all.

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