We must mouth hundreds and hundreds of words most days,without thinking, but it is only particular words we hear that either fill us with joy,  or that bring sadness and despair.

carI know that hearing something  lovely being  said to you makes you feel so good. Acted as a good samaritan this morning returning to Valley Park to assist my stranded dog walker, whose car refused to start. She certainly knew what to do and finally her engine fired up. What a relief.  We had a couple who offered us help, but we didn’t need it thank goodness. Sat in my car and she said “thanks dear” and I know she meant it.

I think the most hurtful thing I have ever had said to me is “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say”. I was very hurt, and still remember those words long after they were spoken.

I love you are the most exciting words I have heard. All the excitement, joy, and a wonderful feeling.  Loving everyone and seeing things through a rosy glow. I can’t speak about the excitement that comes with winning the lottery, as that prize eludes me.

Puss went to vet today, treatment still ongoing, but she seems much more comfortable in her skin now

Which words do you remember and your reason for your choice.

Have a wonderful day.



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