Waxing lyrical

Boring to some I would think, but I have just returned from my walk on the recreation ground along with Nat the dog walker, and her dog Prince.

Met some lovely people on our way around, so you could say much of our time was taken up with chatting.

One of the regulars, who owns two pugs and a dachsund, all of whom are  spoilt rotten, walked around with us. He had us in stitches. Lovely sense of humour. How good it is to laugh. He was discussing his plans for the day and the highlight of the day was visiting his grandaughter who is eleven months old. She is the youngest in what would appear to be a noisy happy household, the oldest sibling being thirteen. He was regaling us with the children’s hide and seek games. He said the baby would often appear on shelves put on there by her siblings. Let’s hope the shelves for wide.  I can imagine looking for her and finding her sitting on a shelf.  I loved it.

He had also been invited to go to the Beaulieu car museum on Friday.  The last time he visited was many many years ago, when his son was himself young. The son is now in his forties. I think he is curious to find out just how much has changed in the intervening years.

Next chat was with an elderly gentleman walking on his own. We enquired about his wife to be told she was unwell. She is waiting for a hip replacement, and was finding  the pain from her bad hip too much this morning, I remember feeling like that. It hurt so much, and in the end I was forced to walk with crutches which actually helped me a bit.

This is for animal lovers like myself. I’m always wondering if my animals needed out of hours veterinary help,who I could go to for help.I don’t always want to disturb my family or Nat as I’ve done that enough in the past.

Enter Karen. Details are as follows. Pip Patrol Pets 07899 962040. E mail pippatrolpets@gmail.com

Please call her if you need to, and she will happily transport you and your sick pet to the vet.

Enjoy your day. So warm out there and we must make the most of it as I believe it’s set to get colder soon.

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