Walking, shopping, entertaining, what more could I want or expect.

As my usual shopping day is normally Friday, due to other commitments changed it to Thursday. I must say it’s far easier to shop on Thursday, I could park my car easily,  but the downside was the shop was not particularly well stocked, although the bill at the checkout didn’t reflect this.

In  the afternoon my friend Trish visited. She is a very capable artist and is going to paint Luna, my daughter’s dog, for a Christmas present. I handed over two enlarged images which she said would be fine. The only problem I can see is that Trish is being admitted into hospital next Friday for a hip replacement. I’ve told her there is no pressure. I can give my daughter an IOU until the painting is completed, but the most interesting thing of the afternoon was our discussion about the “after life”. She is very much a believer.

She lost her husband a few years ago but seems to regular find white feathers in the most unexpected places. I find white feathers, but if I’m honest I think they may be bird feathers, although I do seem to have a very friendly Robin appear every morning. Arn’t robins said to be a sign from a loved one who has passed.

I was pretty sure I had a poltergeist in the flat on Thursday. I always leave all the inside doors open, but I noticed that my bedroom door was ajar. Went in, my dressing gown was on the floor. Put it back on the hook. A while later it had happened again. No broken hook on the door, and no broken dressing gown hook. I moved it from the bedroom to another room, and all good at the moment. Strange.

I’ve also woken up to find my uncle at the bottom of  the bed. Was I scared. No, just found it odd, as we were not particularly close in life. I would very much like to believe that there is something after this life, we shall have to wait and see won’t we.

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