Setter o’clock

Five o’clock this morning someone in the house wanted to go out.

I was pleased that she had asked to go out, but not wanting to step outside, but after all the unlocking of the door and stumbling out, nothing happened. I was not best pleased.

Went back to bed but unable to “drop off” again. Finally got up to get breakfast,and as usual switched on Facebook, and low and behold quite a few posts from knackered setter owners, who have the same early morning wakeup call. So not alone then.

Are you ready for Halloween. As I live in a secure complex I am not worried by the knock on  the door. In fact you are extremely lucky to gain entrance to the flats, as there is always something wrong with the door security.

There has been quite a lot of changes here recently. People moving out and leaving their rubbish in the bin store. This last week there were four dining chairs, a duvet,  pillows and a mirror. It is such a mess. Most of the rubbish that could be put in the bins are just left on  the floor. They can’t even manage to put it in the bins. I believe if the bin store has to be cleaned out,we the flat dwellers have to pay extra, I presume by paying more maintenance charges. I try and up cycle by taking some items to the charity shop.

The shop closes in two weeks time and then after a total refurbishment it will re-open. So exciting, we are thinking of offering mince pies and coffee on the morning of the grand opening, I’ll let you know.

Have a wonderful, safe evening. Lots of sweeties. The costumes are wonderful this year.

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