Wet Saturday

20171104_115046Woke up to hear the rain on the window pane and was very delighted to realise  that I didn’t have to walk Trudy, as my trusted Cinnamon Trust walkers came to collect her, following their holiday.

Whipped off to Tesco with my seven pounds voucher clutched in my hand. Never mind that I spent a sizeable amount on food on Thursday.

Off to the charity shop and I came home with these small tables. I was a bit fed up that when friends called round for coffee or something stronger,I could only rustle up one small table, and I was left balancing a cup or glass on the arm of my chair. Don’t you think they are a clever shape. Sat atop of one of the tables is a picture frame that I also brought home with me.

The shop closes two weeks today and following refurbishment it will open approximately two weeks later.

It is going to be called Hiltingbury Happy Place. The first choice was for it to be renamed The Happy Place but there is already a company by that name registered at Companies House so it became known as Hiltingbury Happy Place because everyone comments it’s a “happy place.”

I would agree.

For those who are celebrating Bonfire Night tonight, I hope the weather continues to improve.

As a bye line who remembers “A penny for the guy.” I’m old enough to remember the stuffed figures being pushed around in prams or stationed outside of shops. What’s happened to all the lost traditions.

Is there a lost tradition box somewhere

Be safe.

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