Favourite place on a Tuesday The Beacon Cafe.

Conversation today was mostly about the old Southampton and what was to be found. Who remembers C & A, Plummers, Fullers the restaurant, to name but a few?.

I was always very happy to go to Fullers. They used to have a cream cheese and pineapple salad, which I loved. It was a triangle of philly or something similar with a piece of pineapple. Really living. The waitresses wore a black dress, white pinny, and had a notebook with pencil attached to something maybe the pinny,  so the waitresses were always ready to take your order.

Plummers, I remember the hats. Used to spend quite a lot of time trying them on, hilarious. I remember they had a very good cosmetics counter.

Tyrell and Green used to have mannequins parading around. Used to feel very grand sitting with my coffee watching the mannequins parading their stuff.

There were a few coffee shops in the lower Bargate area,  but can’t really remember much of what they were like. I think they were packed and downstairs much of the time.

What do you remember of the old Southampton, do let me know.I would like to read your comments very much.

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