A doggy tale

My morning spent as you would expect walking the dog and meeting friends.

Waited for Natalie the dog walker who arrived with two dogs. Not much of a problem, but add in one excited Trudy and me an elderly person with a dodgy knee, and the opposite leg due to nerve damage  not working as it should. So there we were,three dogs clustered around Nat, and me hanging on to an arm,if there was a possibility of a space. Stood by the side of a busy road and waited.  I’m not even sure if some people would even stop if they had to. I do wonder if they realise that they too (with luck) reach my age and have difficulty crossing roads.

Successfully completed the crossing and met up with the doggy friends. Big ones, small ones, and some as big as your head, only joking. I believe some as big as your head refers to coconuts.

The best doggy story today. Picture this.Dog owner on sofa, dog beside her, cat on her head, glass of gin and tonic with a slice of lemon in it. Firework noise, dog leapt up, cat shot off her head, but dog had knocked the gin and tonic out of her hand, and it was dripping onto Meg the dog who also managed to end up  with a slice of lemon on her head.  If only there was a photograph to show you, but unfortunately when you want your mobile to hand they never are.  You’ll have to use your imagination.

Glorious cold bright day.

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