Christmas preparation

I’m at the stage trying to decide who I should buy presents for, and what gifts they would like to receive.

I’m a bit of a scrooge when it comes to buying gifts. I hate that people spend so much on gifts. For a start haven’t got that much money to splash around so I’m always a savvy shopper I like to think.

Family except grandson all sorted. I think money is for my grandson this year.  I’ve know idea what a twenty four year old would like, except the usual,  booze, records ,so I’m sure he’ll enjoy choosing his own gift. I will buy a small surprise as well.

One of my friends loves fairies, and a friend of mine makes the most amazing fairies and all things sparkly.  She is such a talented person, so that’s sorted then, one fairy ordered.

I’m keen to thank my Cinnamon Trust walkers with a thank you gift,and I have decided to make Marmalade  and Bay Gin as per the recipe in Good Housekeeping.  Something that’s made with affection. I do hope they enjoy the drinking of it.

Bottles bought and all the ingredients. Very easy so there should be no problem in the making.

Enjoy your day perhaps pondering what presents to buy.

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