Catch up call

My friend who lives in Sussex has been having a hard time over the past few years. Pancreatic cancer diagnosed. Big operation and a long convalescent, but at this moment in time she is cancer free.

I have kept in contact every week to see how things are, but unfortunately a month ago her husband suffered a severe stroke. I did write a blog at the time, to demonstrate how brave this lady is, bearing in mind they were in France at the time when it happened.

Husband was repatriated and has the care and support from his family and the medical staff assigned to him.

I phoned yesterday and realised from her voice that all was not well. It seems that she is buckling under her role as a carer, as she feels that he isn’t doing  too much to help himself.

She fought like crazy to get better, never gave up. Do you think he isn’t fighting as hard as his wife did. I think men and women cope in different ways. Women mostly have others relying on them, be it kids or elderly relatives.  Giving up is not an option . I remember when the kids were young dragging myself around even if I longed for my bed.

I suggested that perhaps a talk with a counsellor might help, but I’m not convinced that she will seek help. I hope she does.

My weekend was depressing. Trudy is suffering from enteritis so up and down to the vets. A bit better today.

Don’t animals cause us so much heartache. I was convinced she had something awful. Let’s hope not.


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