Smelling nice

This morning was the day when puss was to have her wire removed from her jaw. I felt so guilty, as she spent much of the morning crying for her food, and of course she wasn’t allowed any. To think for the past six weeks or so have been force feeding her.

However dropped her off and went next door to the chemist to pick up my prescription. Whilst waiting  I was totally caught up in the moment looking at all the perfumes and deciding which one should I squirt on me. Selected one. Beyonce Heat. It worked. Just as I was about to open the door to leave, this very nice gentleman rushed up and said “let me help you, I’ll open the door for you”. Of course it may be the fact that I have a walking stick, but much prefer to think it was Beyonce’s Heat perfume.

Even my dog jumped up on me which is something she never does.

Hope someone opens a door for you or someone shares a kind word.

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