Diary writing

For many many years I have scribbled away in my various note books with the events that happened to me during the day. Some of it was painful and hurtful to read so I destroyed all the diaries, but I wondered if writing a diary entry each day might be a nice thing to do again. I particularly liked to return to a special day for example my birthday five years ago, but I particularly enjoyed reading what the weather had thrown at us. This was of course before the regular weather updates we get now.

My day started with a hair cut. Not too short as the weather is getting colder and it’s comforting to have something over your ears and then  off to do my shopping. Travelling slowly down Hursley Road, because I once had a penalty for speeding,so I’m extremely careful to adhere to the speed limit, when I saw on the pavement a man out walking his two dogs.  One quite young and excitable and the other dog older, but they were off the lead.  How thoughtless can you be. I was horrified, and then coming towards me a woman walking in the middle of the road,obviously trying to cross the road.  A very stupid thing to do.

Off to the new pet shop near Waitrose, which I found quite expensive and then Waitrose which was like armageddon. Hardly any parking spaces.Had to go round a couple of times, and there I was thinking that Thursday was a good day to shop.

On my way home popped into the charity shop to leave a box of biscuits for our last working day this Saturday. Very empty.

Home,unpacked, cooked lunch and watched a Christmas film.

Last thing on my to do list for this evening,fill a hot water bottle  (because the forecast is cold) swallow my pills and turn off the light.

Good night to you all. Sweet dreams.





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