What a difference a day can make

The weather for a start. Yesterday the weather was glorious so my walk with my daughter, her dog Luna,Trudy and I was, can I say it again glorious.

Cold, bright and sunny. Both dogs off lead which was a definite bonus. The only downside is that Luna will insist in putting her mouth over Trudy’s head so she appears to have been standing under a shower.

Second walk was just as nice. Met Nat her mum and gran along with five dogs and off we trotted. I enjoy walking with them as they always have sweets in their pockets, for grown ups that is. Yum.The only thing I have in my pockets are dog treats, hankies, poo bags, and a mobile.

A friend called round for a cup of coffee so the day passed very pleasantly.

I was sitting when my phone signified I had received a text. It was from Nat to say my Christmas present had arrived and although it’s a little early she is giving it to me on Monday,  explaining that I would understand why it was being given early. I did ask if it was Dr Chris from Bondi Vet because I think he is gorgeous, but I don’t think that is my present regrettably.

I think it’s a head torch. The car park of the flats where I live are pretty much a no go zone after dark. There are hardly any lights and as my parking space is in the far corner of the car park, I feel very vulnerable. Not because I’m frightened of the dark,  but that I can’t see where to put my feet, and in the event that I fell, it would be touch and go if anyone would find me.

If it’s too dark my daughter follows in her car, let’s me park the car, and with the aid of her car lights I can get in safely.

What a palaver and no-one appears to be interested in doing anything.

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