Early Christmas present

Following my blog a couple of days ago, I was really looking forward to my early Christmas present today.

Small parcel handed to me. Was I wrong all along and it wasn’t a head torch?. I waited for her to return from dog walking. I really don’t feel up to much today, so decided a quiet morning in would be just the ticket. I push myself hard sometimes because I’m frightened of giving up. That is something we oldies feel very concerned about.We have to keep going.

I ripped it open and there it was.Head torch so no more stumbling across a very dark car park.  She had also inserted the batteries so nothing for me to do but put it on. Don’t know if I’m looking forward to coming home in the dark but it will be interesting. Perhaps people will think an alien has landed in Chandlers Ford.

Dr Chris the Bondi Vet couldn’t make it this time sad to say.

Did some shopping yesterday. Funnily enough not as hectic as I thought it might be. Can’t say it was pleasurable though. It’s the parking that drives me mad. People are so impatient.

Luna the naughty puppy ate a packet of butter and she wasn’t sick.

My friend Mary celebrated her ninety third birthday on Friday. She has been wined and dined and has had a lovely time. Good on her.




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