A bit of a worry

In recent weeks there has been a spate of burglaries in this area and whilst sitting in my lounge, happened to look out and see two men taking photos of the block of flats where I live, but mostly their efforts were concentrated on the upper floors.

I phoned 101 and relayed my message on, but in the meantime decided to post my concerns on Chandlers Ford Friendly Neighbours. I had several comments and it would appear the two were investigating the roof and gutters. I was relieved.

Today was my tea and cake morning at The Beacon. A small gathering it seemed to me. Usual friendly chat then lights dimmed and out came a birthday cake for Mary. Ninety two years young.

I had a quick chat. She told me that on Sunday night she thought she was going to die she felt so ill. Phoned 111 and they sent a duty doctor out to visit, the only problem he couldn’t gain entry to the flats. He finally made an appearance at the far end of the hall way and Mary had to let him in. I told her she was a fool. She should have phoned me.After all I live next door to her. It’s crazy that you offer your help and no one turns to you in their hour of need. I reiterated that she must ring me if in future she finds herself in a spot of bother.

The good news is that the doctor thought it was an infection, although she did look on the pale side. She is upset because she isn’t feeling herself yet. Dont we all take for granted our good health, it’s only when it’s threatened that we realise how precious it is to feel well.

I spotted these lovely primroses this morning and thought they would cheer us all up.


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