School days

An amazing thing has happened. My daughter called to tell me that she had been offered a trial day teaching children at Mount Pleasant School in Southampton.  You see I went to that school some sixty eight years ago, and in all honesty don’t remember it being a pleasant experience.

I remember having the ruler whacked on my hand. I think because I couldn’t do multiplication. I also seem to remember a pot bellied heater in the room somewhere, and doing handstands in the playground. I remember nothing of the other pupils at the school. No life time friends made here.

We have a new resident in the flats. A small wee girl born three days ago weighing six pounds or so. So tiny. I tried to find some silver in my purse so I could cross her palm with it, but no luck. This is a superstition  which says cross a palm with silver, and life would bestow blessings on that child. I was surprised that her mum had heard of this, as so many of these sayings are going the way the Dodo did and that’s a shame.

Off to the dentist in a while. What a thrilling way to spend Friday.

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