Psychic medium

In one of my blogs I mentioned that I intended to have a reading from a medium and that day was today.

Such a strange meeting. I recognised my mum and dad and even my mother in law who just wanted to say “sorry”. I wonder why she was sorry,  but of course part of me says “you should be sorry”. Is it bad to think badly of someone who is no longer around, and therefore unable to defend herself. Can’t answer that one.

Lots of names. Some rang a bell some not.

She said there were lots of spirits, whatever you will,waiting to come to me, even my lovely dog Lou. At this point I could feel my eyes filling with tears.  She felt that as I have Lou’s ashes here in the flat that was the reason she was aware of her presence. Nothing about my future, but you could argue that being older perhaps there is just not so much to see anymore.

Did I enjoy it. Difficult to quantify, but certainly many things she told me she could  not have guessed.


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