Heart tests

I attended my local hospital for an Echocardiogram this morning. It was conducted by a young Italian man. Quite a handsome young man.

He asked me to remove my clothes on the top half of my body. Handed me a large piece of towelling paper to preserve my modesty.  I had a giggle because he emphasised the large bit. Oh for small boobs! Took a while to disrobe because it’s so cold this morning and I had on many layers.

Finally all sorted, and the scan took about ten minutes to complete. Another handfull of paper towels to wipe off the gunge. A large handfull.  Felt quite sorry for him having to cover up the boobs he sees every day.

Thanked him and then off to have a twenty four hour monitor fitted. All good. The monitor was fitted by a professional from the Cardiac Measurement Team and the scan also from the Cardiac Measurement Team. A rather bad choice of words I feel.

Then off to the Thrive cafe for a hot chocolate. Lovely.

Been handed a piece of paper which is in fact a diary to record when you go to bed, when you get up and any other symptoms you might have had during the day.

Can I own up to going to bed early and getting up early. I feel guilty if I go to bed early to read. The flat cools down quite a lot early evening until the storage heaters do whatever they do, so curling up early in bed is a good move. I don’t get cold.

I’m up with the lark though, in fact this week has been particularly early fivish which is too early.

Saturday again tomorrow. Where has this week gone.










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