Of no particular interest

I admit to feeling disinterested in the whole Christmas experience. Did enjoy a lovely walk with my friends and their dogs yesterday. One lady was expecting her family from Australia.  She had baked the cake,  made the mincemeat, cooked the puds and had made chutneys of various tastes. She is such a lovely cook so I’m pretty sure her family are in for a treat.

At the opposite end of the scale there were those who were hot footing it to Waitrose to buy half price Christmas cakes. That sounds like me.

I have however managed to keep my Christmas tree alive so must think about bringing it indoors, especially as things are going walkabout from outside. I would be cross if the tree went walkabout,  having slogged outside with buckets of water to keep it alive during the summer.

Returned my monitor to the hospital and saw lots of Father Christmas’s. I believe there was a Father Christmas marathon yesterday.

Off to my newest and most favourite cafe, at the present time for a hot choc. I also had a mince pie, but as it was “good for you” I didn’t enjoy the pastry so much. The filling was good though.

Enjoy your preparations. On a positive note I’ve just bought the dog a Christmas present. Am I mad?.Some would say so.


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