I hopped into my car yesterday. Yes an exaggeration I know because I don’t hop anywhere these days. Vet was calling us again. They must be so pleased to see me walk in, and I don’t even have to drive my car, it knows where to go as visits are very frequent.

However that is not the reason I’m posting this. I was driving within the speed limit down a long straight road a couple of cars behind a bus, which was obviously transporting children home from school.

It stopped a couple of times but on the second stop it did just do that. Stopped. I wondered if there was a school patrol crossing that I could not see, but no all the children simply got off, ambled across the road,  and presumedly went home. I was amazed that we just sat there watching this. Will the children now think they can amble across the road and we will all stop. Perhaps I can persuade all the drivers who mostly fly down the road outside the flats, to let me amble across. I don’t think that’s likely do you. Some occasionally have been known to let me cross.

Set off again and then waited for traffic lights to change. No problem with that,and then lady with mobile in her hand and a small child came into view. The child had obviously been taught to wait for the green light so that they could safely cross the road.  Lady with phone still in her hand  was some way behind the child on a tricycle, and then the child was off. He had reached the other side quite a time before the woman. What if someone had jumped the lights the child could have sustained an injury. Terrifying.

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