This week, can I own up to being bored and slightly at a loose end. It is quite true that the less you do, the less you want to do. Are you allowed to feel like this at this time of the year?

A welcome distraction was my usual trip to the cafe on Tuesday. Good company. Perhaps that’s my problem I’m lonely.

I was going to bake a Christmas cake today, but decided I would buy one instead. I’m going to do my cards.

But the one bright star on this cold morning, was the charity shop, which opened officially today. Such a transformation.  Dare I admit it to be very much more welcoming, as all the stock displayed looked lovely. Room to move around, and  a wonderful display of Christmas goodies, from decorations to stockings, and lovely glasses  just the job for drinking that Prosecco.

Customers visiting were clearly impressed with all the changes. People have been very generous with their donations I’m glad to say, and what a good cause.

Shepherds Down School is situated in Compton, Winchester. Their core role is to meet the needs of primary aged pupils who have a range of complex learning needs. I have met a young boy who attends this school. He is thriving and loves his school, he can’t wait to go on the yellow bus.

These are photos of the two owners who are recognisable as they ran the old charity shop in its former guise, before they took over the lease.

Good luck.


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