Sunday roast

My usual routine of going out to lunch was not an option yesterday, so I offered to cook my grandson lunch.

Roast lamb, multi coloured carrots, broccoli, roast potatoes and gravy, followed by home made cherry pie and custard. This is unusual for me, as I rarely bother to cook particularly a roast. That’s the problem living on  your own. At least it is for me, but gosh did I enjoy it. The window  in the kitchen steamed up, haven’t seen that for quite a while.

One of my neighbours from my past, who was an elderly lady living on  her own, with her dog always cooked a “proper meal” as I would say, and that applied to her Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. She would join us for a couple of glasses of wine, and then head off home. We only lived one door away.

Tree was up with presents sitting under it, and chicken cooking in the oven.  She loved Christmas and did her very best to make it special.  I’m pretty sure that would not be me, and I wonder what the difference was between us.

Talking about presents sitting under the tree,the lady in question, and her dog were both terrified of thunder,and they used to shelter under a dining room table when there was a storm. Difficult to do this in these times. Many don’t have dining room tables, or the room to put a table up.

Very wet soggy day and cold. Pleased to arrive back home. Dried the dog and collapsed with a cup of tea.



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