Did anyone watch Gloria Hunniford and Stacey Solomon on Loose Women yesterday. The producers decided to highlight the plight of loneliness by putting Gloria and Stacey into a flat each without a mobile,  radio and any other stimulus. They were not allowed to venture out, so they were totally isolated, as so many of people are,especially if they are unable to leave their homes to connect with others.

Gloria found it hard not saying goodnight or good morning, because there is no-one there. Stacey found it hard to get dressed and the first day she just lounged in her pygamas.

Their experience was just for two days. Imagine it day after day, the relentless boredom, lots of tea and eating biscuits just to give you something to do.  We must be able to encourage people to be good neighbours and offer our time. I would like to invite people in for a coffee and natter, but that isn’t possible because it becomes a safeguarding issue. You just can’t seem to win. Anyone any suggestions?

Living in a flat environment I am lucky that I get to meet people during the course of the day, quite possibly coming in and out of the front door, but that doesn’t come without effort.  I will always say hello, then perhaps chat about the weather. We Brits love to talk about the weather so that’s an easy introduction.

I’m one of those house bound today because I was frightened of slipping over, but there have been several visitors today, one with a beautiful present. Lovely.

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1 Response to Loneliness

  1. Eileen says:

    I agree, although fortunately I am not in that situation, but yesterday I was up in London waiting for a phone call from the hospital, so couldn’t use phone, it was very quiet and time dragged. No biscuits in the house Snyder out of coffee. It was the first time that I realised how extremely luck I was.
    As you say in this day and there must be something one could do.
    I think the Salvation Army have a visiting service, it would have to be a recognisable service. Maybe an able bodied person could pick up a couple of people and take them to a third person for tea. Worth thinking about any way.


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