Interrupted sleep

Life meanders along until something happens that jolts you awake. My morning started much the same but there were two unexpected activities. One nice the other not.

I was waiting to go out for our walk, but being “up with the lark ” sort of person was a little early,  I decided I would decorate the Christmas tree. This is the first Christmas that Trudy will have known, as she was not a family dog more a breeding bitch,  but I hasten to add very well looked after, so it was very exciting for her. I’m not sure how long the ornaments will stay on the tree but I’m hoping she’ll leave them alone.

The next unexpectedness was a letter. It arrived in its large business like envelope and it was a letter from the hospital calling me back in following my various tests I had done. Nothing in the letter to suggest what they had found so I’m feeling anxious to say the least, and it has brought home to me that I’m the only one living in the flat, no one to talk to, or to keep awake at night with my fears, scary.

It just goes to prove how being alone can effect us all. Perhaps I’m just a scaredy cat who shouldn’t be living on her own, but just up sticks and go into a home, but I know myself too well and that isn’t an option for me at this time.

I shall try and put it to the back of my mind, but don’t think I shall succeed for long.

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