Morning early risers

Here I am again tap tapping my way across the page,  cos I can’t seem to sleep past four o’clock in the morning,  and then my tummy starts protesting that it needs feeding, and then of course the trip to the bathroom by which time you are pretty much awake.

As of this minute I’ve eaten some toast,  completed my weekly banking, fed the animals and back to bed.

My plans today are shopping. What a thrill that’s going to be. I have pretty much finished the present buying. This shop is mostly food stuff so next week I’ll be able to give the shops a miss.

One thing that is on my mind, amongst all the other bits and pieces that scamper across my mind is friendship.

I felt I had a special relationship with one person, but now it would seem it’s not what I thought it was. She does still text but never rings. I don’t know about you but I need to hear a voice, and I’m left wondering what have I done. Am I a terrible kind of person who people would want to steer past?.  I would like to think that isn’t true at all, but losing friends is never easy.

Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing.

I’m hoping that my doctor will ring me today with a reason why I’ve been recalled to the hospital following my tests. I do hope so.

All in all a bit of a worry. Lost one friend, going shopping, and waiting for a phone call.

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